Wasabi Izakaya Ramen Spicy Prawn Soup Recipie

Ramen Soup Spicy Prawn Ramen

Wasabi Izakaya makes the Best Kelowna Ramen Soups

Ramen is an absolutely classic dish that you cannot miss from Japanese cuisine. One of my favourite restaurants  Spicy Prawn Ramen Soup Wasabi Izakaya  Everybody loves ramen, from the younger ones to elders. Its flavors, textures and aromas are something out of this world. Thinking on ramen lovers, we’ve prepared some special menu for you today that you can easily prepare at your home in a matter of minutes. The only things you need are: the right ingredients and the necessary passion to prepare it. Here’s our special recipe for Ramen Spicy Prawn Soup…

Ramen Recipie Ingredients:

6 Fresh or frozen prawns

3 Cups of warm fish or chicken stock

2 Packages of dried ramen noodles

1 Inch of fresh ginger

1 Garlic clove

1/4 Coup of frozen beans or peas

1 Teaspoon of sesame seeds

1 Tablespoon of Nori seaweed finely sliced

1 Splash of sesame oil

1 Splash of vegetable oil

1 pinch of salt and pepper



· Remove heads and scales form prawns. In other bowl leave the rest of the body, including the end of the tails.

· Fry heads and scales in a pan with vegetable oil during 3 minutes, and then add the garlic clove and season with salt and pepper.

· Pour cup of stock into the pan. Then turn the heat lower and wait 7 minutes.

· Squeeze cooked heads and scales with a potato masher and pour the resulting liquid full of flavor in a bowl.

· Then reheat the liquid on the bowl and add the rest of the stock. Add some salt and pepper if necessary.

· Add the rest of the ingredients to the liquid: prawns, peas, ramen noodles and fresh ginger.

· Cook during 5 minutes and then scoop into a ramen bowl. Garnish with prawns, peas, sesame seeds, and Nori seaweeds.

· Enjoy!

We hope you liked this so simple but so tasty recipe. Don’t feel scared about making a total disaster on your kitchen. Doing this is so simple that there’s no chance of committing mistakes. If you consider you don’t have the skills of a chef, start practicing with this excellent ramen recipe. You’ll start to love cooking when you taste it!